Over the times since the eruption, there have been several accidental discoveries of Pompeii. First architect Domenico Fontana first rediscovered Pompeii somewhere between 1592 -1600. It was then lost again during the Middle Ages, only being referred to by the locals as “ La Civita”. In 1748 Rocco Giacchino learns of “ La Civita” and sets out to look for it (Ling, 2000: 57). The Herculaneum Academy was formed in 1755 that led to unorganized crude form of excavations (Mau, 1902: 26-27). In 1763 “ La Civita” is officially determined to be the city of Pompeii. In 1805 the French took over when in control of the area of Naples. Giuseppe Florelli was named director of excavation in Pompeii (1960-1875), he was very organized and had a plan (Ling, 2005: 57).

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